The day before…

Miller Peak (tomorrow’s goal) from the sprawl of Sierra Vista

There’s always something especially hellish about the day before start dates.

It could just be that the day started far too early at 5:30, when my wonderful mother drove me to the shuttle. (Thanks ma.) Despite an unethically long line to check my bag, the airport was a mostly uneventful experience, as was my flight to Tucson. I even got to watch Frozen 2, hashtag don’t judge.

I was relieved to have the shuttle guy waiting for me at the airport, even though this was a more expensive luxury than I had anticipated. When I booked in November, I just figured that with so many hikers starting around this time, I would find someone to share the shuttle with and then split the cost. That didn’t happen, but I was grateful to not have to deal with figuring out a bus network or putting strain on a trail angel.

The $50 motel room meets expectations. Miller Peak photo taken from same place as this one, looking opposite direction.

The last couple weeks have put a strain on me in pretty much every category of my life so I’m looking forward to getting on the trail and sleeping well.

The forecast looks a lot better than it had looked. I should be able to get up and over Miller Peak before the snow starts. My second day on trail will have snow (2 inches or so) or rain depending on the freezing elevation, but after that it will be lovely.

I’m immensely grateful to be here, and as exhausted as I am grateful.