Day 3: The pendulum swings

I awoke to a silent world.

No rain. No snow. Sunshine. So although my best hiking hours are before 9am, I let everything dry out first and didn’t get on trail until 8:30.

The day felt long and rollercoastery. I got reception atop a saddle and called home. I needed to cool down: it was so damn hot.

The rest of the day was kind of sloggy. Even without elevation change, miles are hard and hot and rocky and mostly unpleasant. So were my water sources.

From whence I came

I was too focused on getting to passage 3 to take many photos. I was also kind of crabby.

Bye Miller Peak Wilderness. TBH not gonna miss you. xoxo

I set up my tent and realized I hadn’t seen another human since I was passed in the snow by my trail breaking angel. But I did hear them: all night long planes flew back and forth in a grid looking for migrants I guess.

Oh also there are blimps along the border. Yeah. Cuz that’s not creepy.