Day 4: The heat, the food, and the rebound

Ever since I started hiking, I’ve barely been able to eat. It was so alarming that I even began writing everything down so I could track just how few calories I was consuming.

In the cold, stopping to eat didn’t feel like an option. In the heat, my body just wants nothing to do with foods. The thought of food makes me nauseous. I can’t even choke down chocolate.

But I’m doing great at staying hydrated. Lots of sources for the first half of today.

This photo would be better if I’d stood up, but that was waaay too much effort.

Today I decided to push a little and get to Patagonia. It was so hot today I could feel my skin burn and no matter how much water I drank I was always thirsty. The final push to town was flat on the elevation map but was actually a series of many many many oh my god many little climbs and descents. And it was so hot.

You know, I didn’t cry once during the snow madness or the rainy aftermath, but this section made me cry a little. I’m exhausted and only 50 miles in. Meanwhile the world appears to be falling apart, Elliott might cancel his trip to visit me due to travel concerns, and I missed his grandmother’s funeral. It’s a lot.

But Patagonia! This town changed my apocalyptic worldview, if only for a night.

This is the best little trail town, thanks to Carrie who is letting me camp in her yard.

What? Yes please.

There are 4 hikers here, 3 who began a day after me and had to bail out of Bathtub Spring due to intense weather, and Eeyore with whom I shared this:

I only ate 2 slices. 2 are for breakfast.

Thanks to Carrie I got to shower and do laundry. Elliott is missing out on all this:

It’s the official hiker doing laundry get up.

There are goats here and a dog named Etta and 2 cats. It will be hard to not zero tomorrow but more iffy weather is moving in on Sunday so strategically I should get a move on. After I resupply. And eat my pizza.

After getting some calories in, I no longer want to cry. But I’m still very very tired.

Next stop: Colossal Cave.