Day 5: a Wright way to spend a day

Carrie in Patagonia gave me a much needed pep talk as I went on my way. I am very very tired and don’t really feel ready to tackle the trail each morning when I wake up. Oh how I would have loved to zero.

Who wouldn’t love some goat time?

The climb up out of Patagonia goes on and on but at least there was lots of water. And in some places, shade.

So many little water crossings!

The trail kept getting closer and closer to Mount Wrightson. The trail does not summit the mountain but goes over a saddle right next to it.

Looking ahead

And soon I entered the Mount Wrightson Wilderness, the second Wilderness Area of the trip so far.

Cute lil Wilderness sign

After getting over the saddle, it was a long downhill to get to my campsite. I pulled over at 4:30 which is too early usually, but I needed to take a break. I set up next to a little creek that seemed totally out of place in the desert.