Day 6: Magic and miles

I had no intention of this being a long day. But I woke up to good weather, and got several good miles in before the sun crested over the hills. I love morning hiking. I feel most hopeful and alive.

Every self-respecting trail has a cool rock.

At the three mile mark, I ran into Trail Magic. I didn’t even know I needed pudding for breakfast but I did. I really did. Shout out to Mudhole, Matt, and Grandpa for their kindness.

Ziplocs? My good sirs, you are geniuses.

It was at that moment when I met the first runner. Little did I know that I was about to become part of a major race. The Old Pueblo race was happening and every 1.5 minutes I was jumping to the side of the trail and cheering on another runner.

For the next half a day, runners were a major part of every hour. And because the course is some kind of loop, I was able to see some people multiple times. I’m pretty sure Jason Momoa even offered me water, twice.

Here’s a typical lunch.

I just kept walking.

I got too low on water because one of the water sources looked terrible and I couldn’t do it. So I just kept hiking.

I eventually made it to a stock tank where I caught up with Mr. Clean and Thibaud. They warned me about intense winds coming so I took off a little farther and set up in a protected area.

This was a 20.9 mile day.

Although I was sheltered somewhat, the grass I was camping on was incredibly noisy and so it was hard to sleep. I know that sound ridiculous but I swear the grass was intensely loud.

It was a really lovely day.