Day 8: the cave of wonders


The world is better when you have water. So much better.

I got an early start headed to Colossal Cave where my package was being held. I carried all the water I needed for the day so I wouldn’t have to stop. Before 9, I’d already made it under I-10 through the snake tunnel. I saw no live snakes, only a dead rat.

My Guthook app quit working in the aftenoon. Luckily I knew where I was and I have the paper databook and map set to fall back on.

The trail was winding and long and it got hot but I was happy to be headed to civilization.

My view for, like, 3 hours.

I made it to Colossal Cave a little after noon, got my box, and hung out waiting for Scratch, Bangles, and Tikimon who I met in Patagonia and who were a few miles behind me. You should check out Scratch’s videos here.

From there, the marvelous Barry gave us a ride to Safeway in Vail and we Lyfted to a motel near I-10. I did laundry in my bathtub like a good hiker trash does, and I ate an entire jar of beets. And a bag of salad. And pineapple. And another bag of salad. And some raviolis.

Home sweet home
Elliott darns socks. But this might be past the point of no return.

My first night inside since I started the journey! My first bed since Sierra Vista!

Turns out my leg tan wasn’t a tan. It was dirt. I also lanced my giant toe blister. Too much information?

I have photos. But I won’t share.