Day 10: sobo hobos for a day

What’s life like in Tucson?

Staying in Tucson has been a dream. Friends and laundry and food and high spirits. Today we got up early and loaded into Bangles’ sweet rental car.

Hot rod mama

She drove us to a point where we could hike southbound back to Colossal Cave. We took off into Saguaro National Park and Wilderness.

So much this.
And this.
They’re just really photogenic.

It was a lovely day to be out.

I found the Quitter Trail (actually Quilter)
We found water.
There was much happiness.
And I hung out with a familiar CCC dude.
Then we came home.

We beat the rain by 5 minutes and when we were home it poured so heavily I thought the streets would flood. Tomorrow promises to be interesting weather. One more zero, then probably hitting the trail to Summerhaven on Friday.

This has been the most fun weather system I’ve ever waited out. Between shared meals, margaritas, and bemoaning the state of the world, it’s been really good.

One more picture for good measure.