Day 11: waiting out a storm by roughin’ it

SNL and fluffy socks
We ran out of margarita mix so I donated some drink packets to Tikimon’s art.

Back on trail tomorrow to summit Mt. Lemmon on Saturday. Only a few days to Oracle where the southern section of the Arizona Trail ends. I’m really ready for the central section.

Much of this week has been corona virus stress. None of us are worried about contracting the virus, only the repercussions of a world gone mad.

Today I learned that Elliott won’t be visiting in a couple days as planned. I’m unsurprised but very sad. I didn’t say goodbye to him for 2 months; I said goodbye for 2 weeks. He and I have never traveled out of state together and I was so looking forward to it. I’m very grateful for the company of Scratch, Bangles, and Tikimon, without whom the blow would be much harder to bear.

I finished reading my 2nd book of the trip, Moominvalley in November. I’m reading all the Moomin books this year. I left Finn Family Moomintroll in a little free library in Patagonia.

Onward, despite the stress.