94 Campsites – Cut Log Campsite to West Rollins Creek

Cut Log Campsite
May 16, 2016


I’ve taken some time off after too much weekend work. I have never hiked the Cascade River Loop so here I am, armed with a bag of cheesy popcorn.

Big White Pine Campsite
June 25, 2008


When campsites are close, I love pushing on to the next one. Every mile makes tomorrow easier.

Trout Creek Campsite
June 9, 2018


Taking some time to relax after a busy spring, I was thwarted farther north by the worst mosquitoes of my life. Here, they are not so bad. I set up my tent and nap for 5 hours. Then I go to bed at an early hour. I apparently need the rest.

Indian Camp Creek Campsite
June 21, 2017


I hadn’t been up Lookout Mountain in almost a decade. I’d forgotten how much I tackled back then, before mountains came into my life. Light rumbles entice me to keep moving.

Spruce Creek Campsite
September 28, 2018


The first snow of the season — but it’s only a dusting. The hike into and out of Spruce Creek is utterly magical. I’ve always wanted to camp here.

Jonvick Creek Campsite
October 8, 2017


It’s quiet, except for some distant echoes of Highway 61. I mostly want to be here, but my mind is in the Ozarks.

East Lake Agnes Campsite
August 6, 2017


On a Sunday night I’m all alone, until 3AM when someone comes in, sets up their tent for 2 hours, and then goes on their way.

West Lake Agnes Campsite
June 27, 2008


The stairway up to the campsite feels like an insult after this long day.

East Poplar Campsite
October 14, 2016


At this campsite the Encampment River Bridge is reincarnated into the benches.

West Poplar Campsite
September 18, 2018


It’s bitter cold and there’s not a single flat place to set up the tent. I wonder who decided this should be a campsite. They were sadly mistaken.

Mystery Mountain Campsite
October 28, 2016


It’s my last night out for the year, and I know it. It’s bitterly cold and I wear gloves to read my book. What a season it has been. I feel completely fulfilled.

East Rollins Creek Campsite
May 29, 2016


I share this campsite with a family – a dad and a few kids, who tease each other mercilessly but in a loving way. It’s great to witness teamwork like this.

West Rollins Creek Campsite
August 16, 2016

IMG_8768 - Copy

There are many guys here. Both campsites are full; I can hear it. I eat popcorn and read my book, content to be left alone.

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