Hikers’ Dozen Challenge

Every year I create and lead an adventure on the North Shore based on the idea of the Hikers’ Dozen.

A dozen is twelve. A baker’s dozen is thirteen. And a hiker’s dozen is clearly eleven. Hikers tend to think they’ve gone farther and done more than they actually have, so eleven feels like the ideal number for them.

The Hikers’ Dozen Challenge began as a way to lump a bunch of smaller, interesting endeavors into a weekend-long adventure.

2016: Eleven Peaks in Northern Minnesota

2017: Eleven Trail Registers on the Superior Hiking Trail

2018: Eleven Attractions Hikers Skip on their Way to the North Shore

2019: Eleven Hikes on the Gunflint Trail

2020: Eleven Cemeteries in Northern Minnesota

2021: Eleven Abandoned Places in Cook County