Full Moon Nope

an unbroken twilight trail
Ferguson Campsite

sprinkles, pines swaying
guarded by the old silo
here where I grew up







volunteers snoring
in harmony with frog songs
Finland’s dusty grass

dawn after storming
the solstice means adventure
at Fredenberg Creek








JULY 20, 2016

three miles, setting sun

river’s roaring lullaby
Caribou Campsite

my shoe fell apart
so I guess I’ll sleep right here
in Crow Creek Valley

SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

the highway glows orange
Fargo used to be our home
Liz lends me her yard

owls in the oak trees
cloudless theater above me
golden leaves crackle

shoreline cedars sleep
before the winter sets in
Encampment River


frozen ink and self
snowshoe hare investigates
Silver Creek Campsite