Getting storms out of the way

Last night a hellacious thunderstorm raged across the mountain where we are camping. At one point during the night I asked gistrailblazer if we should bail to the car rather than risk being out in the elements, but then I promptly fell back asleep so it apparently wasn’t that bad.

Today we visited two national battlefields, Kings Mountain and Cowpens. On a scale of 1-10, my interest in national battlefields is, generously, about a 0.2, but it was a lovely day to be meandering on trails.

Pretty nice meanderings.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm about battlefields in general, I am super excited that we were not on trail for last night’s storm. Everything needed to dry out a bit today and with luck, everything will be dry when we get our shuttle tomorrow!

One of several cool structures

Traveling around this state has been a unique experience. I am looking forward to exploring it on foot, which is where I feel most at home.