Bartram Trail Halfway Point

Technically, mathematically, I’m over half done with the Bartram Trail, having hiked 57 miles since gistrailblazer dropped me off at the southern terminus on Sunday. But with the 2 gnarliest climbs still ahead of me, the remaining 41 miles are likely to be harder than what I just did. So we’ll call it halfway.

I guess most trails have a Wolf Rock.

The Bartram Trail has been on my dream list for a decade, and for good reason. It’s rugged and wild and gorgeous. And pretty interesting.

As usual I have too many photos and stories to share at the moment. I’ve enjoyed a super easy 3.5 miles today followed by a glorious afternoon at Chica and Sunsets Hostel. They are amazing.

I hope the 2nd half delivers less interesting weather – I endured a 12 hour deluge and a night of 40mph winds – not concurrently at least.