Early days on the Oregon Coast Trail

It has been a diverse set of experiences in Oregon so far! By some miracle, despite a delayed plane and quick connection (Julie) and a toddler with a medical emergency during plane boarding (Jo), we and our $4 thrift store suitcases made it to Portland.

We took light rail to a few blocks from our hotel and got much needed sleep.  In the morning we walked to Union Station and took a bus to Astoria.

In Astoria we packed our bags, donated the suitcases, and took the most delightful cab to Fort Stevens State Park where the trail begins.

All told,  that was almost exactly 24 hours to get me from Willow River to the Oregon Coast Trail.

We climbed the observation tower, took lots of pictures, and began our hike. Due to the late start for the day, we only went about five miles to the hiker biker camp at Fort Stevens.

Hiker biker camps are the best idea ever – open spaces where there is always room for another, where no hiker will be turned away. We shared the site with an awesome biker and about 47 children from adjacent campsites whose parents felt like it was appropriate for the children to run all around our tents screaming.

It rained pretty much all evening and all of the night and was very cold but we didn’t die.