Bays, trains, and beaches

The day started out perfectly with elk near the campsite and an easy walk to Nehalem Bay. There we took our very first boat shuttle across the water. The folks at the jetty were incredibly helpful and we enjoyed a rest break with ice cream and a cat to keep us company.

PCO Julie

This was one of the more unique days of the trail because it not only required us to go by boat, but there was also an option written in the guidebook to take a scenic train in order to avoid a stretch of Highway 101. First we had to get there.

We walked some train tracks, long out of service, then got back on the beach until Rockaway Beach. There we had lunch and met up with two hikers who we met the night before at our campsite. It was fun to see Blade and Savannah again and I was sad that they were not taking the train with us.

The train was a fun way to spend an afternoon and we enjoyed avoiding the highway. When we arrived in Garibaldi we had time to look at some older trains on display and to hike out onto a really long pier.

From there we took a bus to a motel we had booked in Tillamook, as there was no affordable lodging in Garibaldi and it was time for a day off.

Our day off in Tillamook was restorative and much needed.