Cape Perpetua

We knew we had a pretty interesting day ahead of us, going through the funky seaside town of Yachats and then climbing a thousand feet up Cape Perpetua. But first: urchins and barnacles!

Yachats was indeed pretty cool. We resupplied and got a bite to eat. There was a nice trail network through town.

This is one of the only bits of trail on private land.

As we neared Cape Perpetua, we saw several statues. These bears are dancing, in case you were wondering.

The more well-known statue is that of Amanda De-Cuys, an Indigenous woman submitted to horrors by the United States government. This part of the trail bears her name.

There was a cool suspension bridge and many random elevation markers. None of them were at normal elevations – they were like 194 feet, 820 feet, etc.

Not normal increments.

The trail was very rainforesty and the view from the top was spectacular!

We camped at Carl Washburne Memorial State Park because Cape Perpetua got rid of their hiker biker campsite (side eye skeptical glare). It was very busy with bikers, but we were happy to have a spot and I even took a shower. It was a pretty great day.