18 miles and a dozen rest breaks

We knew the day would be long so we got an early start. Luckily, the weather was perfect and the views were gorgeous. We took our first break near the ford of Beaver Creek.

We only had a short jaunt on a road to get around a beach with no possible southbound exit. Oddly, being above the beach was ideal so we could see this mandala artist.

The trail went through Waldport and we crossed this enormous bridge. We then returned to the beach for the final miles to Beachside State Recreation Area.

When we were 1 mile from our campsite, we came across this 1200 year old stump from when redwoods grew this far north. It was an evocative location so we took an hour+ break just laying in the sand enjoying being there.

Rarely on a trail do you know you’re living the happiest moment of the adventure. And it’s possible that wasn’t the peak. But it sure felt that way.

I walked the final mile barefoot.

When we finally did get to our campsite, the nearby bathroom had this sign. What? Why is this a thing??

I appreciated the park helping this poor little tree.

Sunset was lovely that night and my little site was a delight.