South to South Beach

We knew we had a pretty easy day ahead. Sometimes the mileages of legal camping opportunities mean a long day, sometimes short.

We took more time than usual to explore and enjoy the coast. Schooner Point was a delight to hit at lowish tide.

Sometimes the coast is just especially interesting and I thought this area had character. It also helped to be sharing it with our two new friends.

Throughout the day I watched Yaquina Head get bigger and bigger. Soon we went up and over and then into Newport where we got food.

We crossed a huge bridge and made it to South Beach State Park, where Blade’s friends just happened to drive by us. Wild. What are the chances?

It was an odd night, because we shared the hiker biker campsite with a drifter who built a fire late at night to cook crabs. He did not seem dangerous at all, but it was a weird vibe.